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Mayu Shimizu

Japan Entry: Marketing & Localization Specialist

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I help startup companies break into the Japan market by providing localization, content marketing, social media marketing, community management, and project management services.

speak their language


What I do is much more than translation, but rather copyrighting, transcreation and cultural adaptation. I will work with you to not only convey the original message in an appropriate tone and voice, but also provide additional services and tweaks as needed.

  • Style guide
  • Images
  • Video subtitles & voiceovers
  • Typography

grow fans


I have been creating successful contents and promos, help organize events, grown and managed user/developer communities around apps & services for over 15 years. 

I will help you attract and nurture your user base, whether in person, on your blog, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Line and Snapchat.

  • Contents & SNS Marketing
  • Promos & Campaigns
  • Community Engagement
  • Events & meetups

companies I’ve worked with

Past Clients

I’m well-versed in software localization, Web site development, and search engine optimization. Here are few of the companies I’ve provided services for in the past:

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If you are looking to enter into Japan market, let me help!

I work remotely and travel between San Francisco and Tokyo regularly.